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Goodbye Jesus

Radical Musims Vs. Buddhism


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Okay this is a rant on radical muslims for a change. I have bin studying buddhism as a phillosiphy, not a religon and have bin enjoying it. Then I came across this video posted by Islamic fundamentislt. Now I dont belive in any of the supernataul belife in buddhism but still this tick me off because its so hypocritcal.


Watch and see what I mean.



After wards I place a comment poking fun at radical muslims but I did mention that I have bin freinds with muslims before, have no gurdge agaisnt Islam, (between me and you guys even had a little romantic fling with one) but I have gotten messages now about how I need to respect islam and these people who are showing no respect to buddhism or me.


I feel like I am debating my old fundmeltists christian freinds again.

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Just to add, its even more frustrating for me becasue I have openly defened muslims on Youtube from the likes of VenomFangX and muslim haters on a number of times. Again I say I have bin close freinds with mulsims (who were part of the reason why I left Christaitny to begin with) and yet I get acsued of being a muslim hater becasue I talk back to a radical of that religon and defended my own possibal new path they were attacking.

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