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Nolan Chart

by Dan Steward


"Former top narcotics officer, Barry Cooper tired of the corruption in

his department, quit his position in the drug enforcement arm of the

police. He later created videos how to avoid getting arrested by the

police, where to hide marijuana from prying eyes, and how to conduct

yourself during a traffic stop. Of course, corrupt law enforcement,

marches on, they just can't seem to help themselves as excessive power

goes hand in hand with illegal behavior." (01/04/09)



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I've heard of this guy before. Too bad there aren't more cops that are taking a stand against the corruption.

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Who can blame the cops for being corrupt, when the entire system is corrupt?


Consider the crime of speeding as an example. If speeding in your motor vehicle was such a heinous crime, every penny collected from speeding ticket revenue ought to go back into enforcement and prosecution of people speeding in their motor vehicles. Truth of the matter is, not a cent is returned; and those motorists who opt to fight their ticket find themselves in a backlog. Those who just pay their fine face higher insurance premiums. I guarantee that if everybody fought their speeding ticket, the entire system would collapse. Good thing there's enough "Sheep" out there who are willing to "Do the right thing" and just pay up.


The only way the system can be fixed is with us. We need to educate and empower. Government and police should fear the people, not the other way around.

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