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Goodbye Jesus

Ludwig Von Mises, Thomas Hodgskin, Voltaire


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"Education rears disciples, imitators, and routinists,

not pioneers of new ideas and creative geniuses.

The schools are not nurseries of progress and improvement,

but conservatories of tradition and unvarying modes of thought."

-- Ludwig von Mises

(1881-1973) Economist and social philosopher




Men had better be without education than be educated by their rulers;

for their education is but the mere breaking in of the steer to the yoke;

the mere discipline of the hunting dog, which, by dint of severity,

is made to forego the strongest impulse of his nature, and instead of

devouring his prey, to hasten with it to the feet of his master.

-- Thomas Hodgskin

Source: Mechanics' Magazine , 11 October 1823, Ref: Class and Conflict in Nineteenth-century England, 1815-1850, by Patricia Hollis




"Your book is dedicated

by the soundest reason.

You had better get out of France

as quickly as you can."

-- Voltaire

[François Marie Arouet] (1694-1778)



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