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Goodbye Jesus

From Faith To Non-faith Vs. Non-faith To Faith


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Hello all..

As I have been watching so many different videos whether it's on Youtube or any other site, and as I have read the diiferent stories about faith anywhere and everywhere I can, I have a question or two.

I also watch any and all debates with Chris Hitchens or Sam Harris or anyone else for that matter. The Atheist always wins hands down.

Does anybody know the numbers or percentages of people who switch sides? At Any Age? Not talking about particular religions, but just going from belief to non belief and vice versa.


2nd... I recently watched a number of videos about people who said they were lifelong atheists, "Not talking about Kirk Cameron as we know him and his perfect bananas are nuts" Maybe it's the banana in his pants he's talking about.

But just average people who said they really woke up one day, starting reading the Bible and became believers. Or how about the number of people who switched from Christianity to Islam? Or just people joining Islam?

Obviously these people are looking for something more out of life, but what does anyone here think happens to these people?


Just throwing this out there as a conversation piece






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Some find what they are looking for, something that fits their comfort level, feeds their inner needs.


Others try for a while, but slip back to older belief/non-belief. Still others slip from one ot another to another, hoping this time they find what they are looking for.


I tried for so long to be a Christian...but was told that my trouble with accepting the Trinity would always keep me on the outside of that group. So I gave up, and found what works for me in this life. All we can ask is to find that one path that works best for us, even if we are the only ones on it.

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I think it's hard to find any statistics to show how many de-convert, or convert to specific religion. It might exist, but I haven't seen any. I've seen numbers on how many are of a certain belief, but not how many change.

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Next time you may want to try posting with normal-sized font, it's easier on the eyes.


There's no accurate records of people switching sides, since a number of people are firmly in the closet. That makes religious Census information meaningless, since a lot of closet atheists live with religious family members and won't record their true beliefs due to the possibility of their relatives/spouses finding out.


As for people who switch religions, I don't think anything happens to them that doesn't happen to anyone else.

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