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More On Debt Repudiation


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More on debt repudiation


by Thomas L. Knapp


"In terms of visceral, gut-wrenching populist appeal, debt repudiation

has a lot of potential, too, and it's nice to see that appeal

exploited. For a good example, see the YouTube campaign of kids

(correctly) asserting 'it's not MY debt.' Conveying the basic

injustice of expecting someone else (especially a bunch of kids) to

pick up the tab for spending that they had no part in is easy and

effective, and the knotheads in Washington just keep making it easier

with their bailouts, projections of future $1 trillion deficits, etc.

The case makes itself. What it needs to succeed is a popular

grassroots movement to promote it." (01/08/09)



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Stealing from future generations to make things better today is something that started with the Baby Boomers; we're just seeing the natural conclusion. They may have burned up all the resources on them, which was beyond the control of future generations to prevent, but when it comes to expecting them to actually dig into their pockets and pay, they can take a stand. It had to happen eventually.


Now, if only people a few generations after Adam and Eve decided to take a stand against the original sin, the Bible would have actually been a more interesting piece of fiction...;)

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