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Hiding In Plain Sight


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Hmmm.. 40+% of your working life goes to the State. Consider what you might do with your earnings given opportunity to keep them.






Hiding in plain sight

The Distributed Republic

by Constant


"The state nowadays takes a large fraction of people's income. This is

hidden in various ways. One way is by splitting the tax into multiple

parts. The national government takes one part of income, the state

(e.g. California) takes another part of income, and the tax is further

divided into 'income tax' and other taxes, such as property tax, sales

tax, the splitting of the total income tax into a portion paid by the

employer and a portion paid by the employee, tax on imports, and

various other taxes. Each individual tax represents only a small-ish

fraction of income, but taken together they add up to a large fraction

of income." (01/12/09)



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