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Evangelical Christians: on missionary and


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Evangelical Christianity, in very short summary, is accepting Jesus as the Savior thus sins are forgiven by God by the grace of Jesus’s sacrifice, attaining salvation, and in Heaven with God in the future, also there is an Eternal Hell Fire for the unbelieving guys. Christians have the tasks to share and witness their beliefs – not called ‘evangelical’ for nothing.


In 2005 of 21st Century, such tenet, and preaching of such tenet, instead of keeping people in Christianity and recruiting new Christians, turn believers away [as we read from some testimonials of ex-Christians], turn potential believers away.


There are two layers of the issue in the evangelical missions: the core belief and the way to ‘market’ it.


Christians, evangelical Christians in particular, my questions to you are:


For the core belief layer: That you actually, firmly believe the literal Eternal Hell Fire, here and now? Do you believe it cannot be accommodatively adjusted? e.g. accommodation can mean people who act out of their conscience, strive to live a righteous life, could be considered they have Jesus in their hearts; although they are not aware of Jesus at all, or although they were approached by missionaries and did not to accept it, etc.

[Again let’s not divert to the apologetic that God is just and cannot tolerate the slightest of sins….no matter how a person lives by his conscience and righteous, one time he stole his kid neighbor’s candy when he was a kid…sin…he has to accept Jesus…all that]


And, are there revisions and updates to this Jesus-Hell doctrine in modern evangelical Christianity?


2nd layer: whether Jesus-hell can be adjusted or not, or say, to you it cannot be compromised at all, what are your thoughts, on the modern missionary and marketing strategy in 21st Century 2005+, considering that Jesus-hell is turning customers away? [Consider there are many “competitors” in the market.] Please feel free to share.



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