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Interlinear Bible Gets Reinterpreted Translation


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The Interlinear Bible, my favorite, has been rewritten, retranslated to cover up the translation errors when the Bible was written into Latin. One error is Exodus 15:22, Moses crosses the sea. In the edition of 1985, The Interlinear Bible indicates Moses moved Israel from the Sea of Reeds and they went into the wilderness of Shur. This points out that Moses did not cross the Red Sea in the way the Christians claim and that their Bible has translation errors. The new translation, rather than correct the earlier mistranslation, ignores the error and rewrites the verse to 'Moses brought Israel from the Red Sea ... .' This translation also demonstrates that Christians are relying upon their doctrine and rather than actually translate word for word, they are interpreting the early translation according to their doctrines and writing this interpretation as a translation.


This is found at http://bible.crosswalk.com/InterlinearBible/bible.cgi


This may seem immaterial to some but it is important when Christians have been trying to rewrite the early text to keep pace with their theology and doctrine. To me this is as important as when they rewrote the Bible to replace fictional animals with animals named known by science.


The Interlinear Bible has been known for generations as a 'reliable translation' even among denominations. The Christians are using their holy-whiteout skills to reinvent themselves.

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