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Make Way For The New Boss


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Make way for the new boss

Disloyal Opposition

by JD Tuccille


"We've come along way since the early days of the republic when it

comes to inaugurating a new president. In 1829, when Andrew Jackson

took the oath of office, the public milled around him, offering

personal congratulations and blocking his path to the White House. In

2009, after Barack Obama takes the oath, any member of the unwashed

masses so unfortunate as to stray through the imperial-style security

surrounding the new president is likely to be hustled off to an

unpleasant fate -- if he survives the security breach. ... Even

members of Congress are being told what they can and can't carry on

their persons on the big day. The list of items forbidden to lawmakers

includes pocket knives, backpacks, alcoholic beverages, signs, posters

and thermoses. Those are the restrictions on politically powerful

people." (01/16/09)



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