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Goodbye Jesus

Some More Poems


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Sighted, But To Late!


In the war to end all wars part 2

I snuck into the enemy camp

For the brothers i knew


Counted guard towers, 1,2,3,4

I think one saw me

Alas! He shall no more

Search lights swayed from here to there

Nothing moved

Not even my stare


Crept up on the forbidding gate

To ensure my comrades

Return to the states


Suddenly a light enveloped me, sighted, but to late

For all the guard saw was my barrel

And a trigger finger that can't wait



The Storm


Solitude turns to violence

As the storm crosses

The mountains in utter silence


Rain as of a distant mist

Shrouds the valleys

That can't resist


Lightning explodes with a crack

While the thunder

Rolls down the mountains's back


In an instant it is overhead

Bringing cool rain down

Upon my head


Wrapped in the gentle breeze

That blows through the

Limbs of the trees


Nature singing its song

But soon even that

Is gone





Majesty and serenity

Fight hand in hand

With its lush beauty

To allow the mighty and fairest

To be viewed throughout all the land


No word can describe

The comprehensive mind is long gone

And no hand can transcribe

The injustice of not seeing it firsthand

It wouldn't be worth the paper it's written on


Draws the tears from one's eye

Awe from left to right

Otherwordly unreal from ground to sky

Make the blind yurn for just a glimpse

The rest in its grandeur may lose their sight


Gazing upon the masterpiece of all time

Wonderful to even imagine for just a moment

That this glory is all mine

Just like an intoxicating poison

As if a sin to be so potent


To think such beauty could be crafted

By nature's brush in hand

makes one wonder how many plans were drafted

Before the final and lovely grandure we all now behold

Came to life for millions of years to stand

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Nice dude, keep 'em comin.


Thank you.

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