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Goodbye Jesus

There Are No Saviours


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There are no saviours

Wendy McElroy.Com

by Carl Watner


"It is a time to remember there are no saviours (political, religious,

financial, or otherwise). As I wrote in 'Cultivate Your Own Garden: No

Truck with Politics' : The only thing that the individual can do is to

present society with 'one improved unit.' ... There is no question

that this method is extremely difficult, since most of us realize what

force of intellect and force of character are required just to improve

ourselves. ... There is no guarantee that the voluntaryist method will

be successful -- but because each individual concentrates on himself

and not others, it is worth-while, profitable, and self-satisfying

even if it does not come to fruition in the short-run or during one's

lifetime." (01/22/09)



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