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Goodbye Jesus

Why Jesus Christ Cannot Be The Messiah

Guest Atrakhasis

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Guest Atrakhasis

Christianity claims that Jesus Christ is the post-exilic Messiah predicted by the Old Testaments' prophets. Christians present from the Old Testament statements or verses to back-up their claims. A more careful reading of the prophets' statements reveals that the Christians are in error. The prophet's descriptions of When the Messiah would appear and What he would do as a Messiah refute Christianity's claims:


Why Jesus Christ Cannot be the Messiah:


Moses, King David, Isaiah and Jeremiah were agreed:


(1) God _showed his favor_ to the righteous by causing them to defeat their enemies, utterly destroying them.

(2) God _showed his disfavor_ to sinners by allowing their enemies to defeat and kill them.

Christ's death at the hands of his enemies was proof he had been _held in disfavor_ by God; he was not righteous, he was an unrighteous sinner whom God had allowed to be humiliated and killed by his enemies.

(3) The prophets declared that the post-exilic Messiah would come to power upon the conclusion of a 40 year (Ezekiel) or 70 year Babylonian Captivity or Exile (Jeremiah) for Judah. Christ was 500 years too late to be the Messiah according to these prophets' timetable.

(4) Ezekiel also understood that the Messiah was a _sinner_ who would offer the blood of slain bulls on his behalf in atonement for his sins, and he would also

(5) offer the blood of slain bulls as "sin offerings" for his people: both notions are denied and repudiated by Christianity. Ezekiel also understood that God's post-exilic priests would be

(6) circumcised Levites, not uncircumcised gentiles (Christian priests). Ezekiel also understood that the Messiah and priests would prepare

(7) daily food offerings to "feed" God "fat and blood" for all of eternity.


Christianity _denies, repudiates and challenges_ the Holy Spirit's revelations about the Messiah in the Old Testament:


(1) that the Messiah was to appear at the end of Judah's 40 year (Ezekiel) or 70 year (Jeremiah) Babylonian Exile

(2) that one's death at the hands of one's enemies is _a sign of disfavor_ from God IDENTIFYING A SINNER

(3) that the Messiah is a sinner and must on a regular basis (monthly and yearly) slay bull's to expiate himself of his sins

(4) that the blood of slain bulls and goats is acceptable to God as sin offerings in lieu of Jesus Christ's shed blood

(5) that God's priests in the Messianic Age are to be circumcised Levites only, no uncircumcised gentiles are allowed

(6) that God must be _fed daily_ the "fat and blood" of slain beasts for all of eternity

For all of the above reasons, from an Old Testament perspective, Jesus Christ could not be the Messiah.


cf. the below url for all the details:



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Or it could be that he never existed at all.

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