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If someone walked up to you and claimed to be God,(or given divine power) what supernatural proof would you require?

Since human beings can be very sneaky, I'd require some tests of the person that'd be tough to replicate with technology or flat out impossible for anything mortal.


Here's some examples of feats I'd require as proof.


Heal an amputee or someone in a wheelchair. No, not someone you've picked and can fix the results with, any poor soul at random who's had horrible luck. Make this guy missing his legs regenerate them right before my eyes.


Jump into a steel melting pot at a foundry and swim around in the molten metal as casually as you're in a swimming pool.


(Here's a toughie.) Come with me to a graveyard and walk into a tomb. Raise this corpse that's nothing but bones to the same condition it was when it was alive. No zombie shit, restore them completely to life and health.


Create a human being instantly right in front of me, full grown if you want, infant if you'd prefer.


Teleport me to anywhere. I prefer Akihabara.(Gotta shop ya know)


Take me to deep space, keep me from suffocating and freezing to death, and create a star right in front of me.



There's my tests. What proof would you guys demand of someone claiming to be god?

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If someone approached me and was supposedly an all-knowing, all-powerful, deity and was willing to prove this to me then that same person would know exactly what it would take to accomplish this and I wouldn't have to say/do anything for this to happen. If I have to spell it out then they already lose.



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With God, being all knowing and knowing me better than myself, I would expect him to know exactly what it would take to convince me he was real. He would do whatever that was without me having to tell him what it is.

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