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Goodbye Jesus

The Theory Of Trancendence 2.o

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I'd brought this up before, but I thought I'd resubmit it for consideration.


Something to me that christians seem blindly oblivious to, is that if God exists and is omnipotent as they say, it completely invalidates Christianity. An all powerful god wouldn't need servants, and therefore no war in heaven caused by rebel angels. Such a being wouldn't need worshippers being completely content in it's own existence and matchless power to do anything it wants. Now then let's say, "God" did want worshippers. It could give any of it's creations free will but show that a relationship with it would be the best of all choices and all would desire to worship this god.


Let's go further. An allpowerful god wouldn't be angered by Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. It could simply forgive them. Even further, such a god would see no need for loyalty tests such as the tree of knowledge.


And let us say that man needed to be reconciled with God for disobeying him. A being who can create an entire universe with it's majestic galaxies to it's myriad living creatures that run, swim and fly all about the earth could easily come up with a much better plan of salvation than the blood soaked sacrifices of the Old Testament and the God sacrificing himself to himself nonsense of the New Testament.



Looking forward to your replies,



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Great post. I agree wholeheartedly.

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