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God The Father And Jesus Are Satan? How So?

Guest Atrakhasis

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Guest Atrakhasis

In the New Testment the claim is made that Jesus Christ is the God who created Adam and Eve, and it is he who spoke to Moses at Mount Sinai (cf. John 1:1-18 which explains Jesus is "The Word" or "Logos"). Christians also present Eden's serpent as being Satan or the Devil (cf. Revelation 12:7-9). The Christians are piling on "another layer of reinterpretations" which contrdict the Jewish understanding that there is only one God: Yahweh-Elohim and Eden's serpent is _not_ understood to be the Devil by Jews.


Liberal PhD scholars realized over 100 years ago from their studies of Mesopotamian myths that Genesis' Garden of Eden story is a later Hebrew recast of several motifs cast in such a way as to deny Mesopotamian ideas of the relationship between man and the gods.


In the Mesopotamian myths man is denied immortality because he obeyed his god's warning not to eat forbidden food or he would die. His god had lied to him. Had he eaten the food he would have obtained immortality for himself and mankind. This man is described as being "blameless," possessing "clean hands" and "exceedingly diligent" in obeying his god's commands. His was not a fall from blamelessness into sin like Adam; he "fell" for the con job his god laid on him about food conferring immortality being the "food of death."


The man's name was Adapa and his god's name was Ea. Ea was the name given by the Babylonians to an earlier Sumerian god called Enki. Ea was held responsible for allowing a man (Adapa) to obtain forbidden knowledge like Eden's serpent. In myths Enki bears the Sumerian epithet ushumgal meaning "great serpent" or "dragon" and he is credited with not only creating man and placing him in his garden to care for it, he also warns one man called variously Ziusudra, Atrakhasis, or Utnapishtim of a great Flood and to build a boat to save the seed of man and animalkind. In otherwords Ea/Enki has been recast as Yahweh-Elohim who was recast by Christians as The Logos (Jesus). Because Enki/Ea also allowed man to obtain forbidden knowledge and bore the epithet "great serpent" or "dragon" he also is a pre-biblical prototype of Eden's serpent. So, ultimately, via recastings over the millennia, 1500 B.C., 560 B.C. and 70 A.D. Yahweh, The Logos (Jesus) and "serpent" Satan all descend from Enki/Ea. That is to say Yahweh, Jesus and Satan are all ultimately drawn from a fictional Mesopotamian protagonist called Enki who was successively recast down through the ages into Ea, Yahweh, The Logos, and Satan, the "serpent," "dragon," and "devil" of Revelation 12:7-9. cf. the below url for more information:



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