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Dear Theologan

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Found this on Dan Barker's website. It had me scratching my head and going, "Yeah!" and "He's got a damn good point."


It's long but worth the read. I'm thinking about printing out 100 copies and leaving them in the Christian book section at Barnes and Noble or secretly putting them in some Bibles! :lmao:


Dear Theologian,


I have a few questions, and I thought you would be the right person to ask. It gets tough sometimes, sitting up here in heaven with no one to talk to. I mean really talk to. I can always converse with the angels, of course, but since they don't have free will, and since I created every thought in their submissive minds, they are not very stimulating conversationalists.


Of course, I can talk with my son Jesus and with the "third person" of our holy trinity, the Holy Spirit, but since we are all the same, there is nothing we can learn from each other. There are no well-placed repartees in the Godhead. We all know what the others know. We can't exactly play chess. Jesus sometimes calls me "Father," and that feels good, but since he and I are the same age and have the same powers, it doesn't mean much.


You are educated. You have examined philosophy and world religions, and you have a degree which makes you qualified to carry on a discussion with someone at my level--not that I can't talk with anyone, even with the uneducated believers who fill the churches and flatter me with endless petitions, but you know how it is. Sometimes we all crave interaction with a respected colleague. You have read the scholars. You have written papers and published books about me, and you know me better than anyone else.


It might surprise you to think that I have some questions. No, not rhetorical questions aimed at teaching spiritual lessons, but some real, honest-to-God inquiries. This should not shock you because, after all, I created you in my image. Your inquisitiveness is an inheritance from me. You would say that love, for example, is a reflection of my nature within yourself, wouldn't you? Since questioning is healthy, it also comes from me.


Somebody once said that we should prove all things, and hold fast that which is good. My first question is this:


Where did I come from?


Read the rest HERE

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Thanks for that interesting reading material. That would be a good idea to place it at the bookstore LOL. I wonder how many people would think differently after they step out of their box of manmade dogma and what THEY think "god" is and try and take an objective look on how the "designer" of the universe may see it. Good stuff...thx!

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I read Godless. Worth the read.


That chapter is really neat, though. I get the idea I might be right in my position that I'm just as good as god. But then, why wouldn't I agree with that piece? It's written by Dan Barker and I deconverted on his songs.

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