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A Chance To Air My Opinions...


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Okay, not really likely that a LOT of Xians are going to listen to my opinions, but this is interesting.


I watch very little TV lately, but will generally turn it on Sunday mornings. For some very strange reason I get perverse pleasure out of half-watching/listening to "Hour of Power" with Robert Schuller. I don't know why. However, that's not the point.


What comes on after "Hour of Power" is a show called "Listen Up TV"...quoted from their site:


Listen Up is a weekly television program exploring news and current affairs from a Christian worldview.




The show caught my attention. It is well produced and thought out, yet typically narrow-minded due to that "Christian worldview".


What really caught my interest were the weekly polls and questions. AHA! A chance to stand my soapbox and tell the Xians off!


So, I've responded to their questions twice now - I've been courteous and forthright and remained on topic. The first time I received a personal response from the Viewer Feedback Co-ordinator.


Today, I received another interesting response...


Dear Mark


Based on your previous contact with us, I would like to ask you a favor. In an attempt to plan around our television audience next season, we have 10 quick questions we’d like to ask you. There is no right or wrong answer or deep thought involved. We are just thankful for your honest input. Just click REPLY and answer 1 to 10.


1. Have you attended a religious service in the past 6 months?

2. Is the Bible irrelevant to your daily life?

3. Do you seek God’s guidance when in need?

4. Can you remember what prompted you to write to Listenup when you did?

5. Did you watch the complete show or tune out part-way through it?

6. Why?

7. Would you think of checking out our website after watching a show?

8. Did Listenup introduce anything new about God to you?

9. What faith background do you most closely relate to? (eg. Catholic/Protestant/None/Muslim/Buddhist/Evangelical/New Age/Other)

10. Age category? (eg. Under 20/20’s/30’s/40’s/50’s/60’s/70 and older)


Big time soapbox opportunity or what??? Here are my responses:



1. No, I have not attended a religious service in the past 6 months.


2. Yes, the Bible is completely irrelevant to my daily life.


3. No, I do not seek God's guidance when in need. I do not want his/her/its influence/help even if he/she/it does exist. My life is mine, not anyone else's to control.


4. I watch Listenup because it is a well-produced show and I am interested in the "Christian Worldview" since I was a Christian for 32.5 years of my life. I no longer claim allegiance to the faith at all. In fact, I consider the Evangelical sects of Christianity to be downright cultish in nature.


I wrote to Listenup because I believe that the questions asked are poignant and of value. However, I believe that the "Christian Worldview" is very narrow and I do not believe in any form of "absolute truths" or objectivity. Basically, I want to state my opinion in opposition to the "Christian Worldview" in order to say, "Hey, there's a bigger world out there than you realize. Christianity works for some, but there are many, many, MANY out there that it not only holds no answers for, it actually causes damage in their lives."


5. I have only watched 3 or 4 episodes since I only recently discovered it, but did watch each entire episode.


6. I have watched the program for the sake of interest and...well...I no longer attend church Sunday morning...it's free time.


7. I generally have checked out the website to respond to the poll and to reply to the weekly question (if of interest).


8. Hell no. Listenup will very likely never introduce anything NEW about God to me. Not saying I know it all, but the "Christian Worldview" is very narrow and is only ONE version of "God" that exists on this planet.


9. I most closely relate to Evangelical Christianity. Pentecostal (PAOC) specifically. Yes, I call it a cult on a regular basis.


10. I am 34 years of age. The last year and a half since leaving Christianity have been the best and happiest years of my existence.

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Fab...I'm curious what they'll do with it...whether they'll actually include you in something, or figure you're a lost cause that they'll never be able to convert...



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Very well written! I hope they take you seriously. You raise many good points.

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