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Goodbye Jesus

The Privatization Of Space


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The privatization of space

Adam Smith Institute

by Dr. Madsen Pirie


"There is now widespread recognition and acceptance that the next big

wave of space activity will be private. Space tourism is reckoned to

have huge growth potential, as do customized launches tailored for

private customers. It will bring non-taxpayer money into space

exploration and development, as well as unleashing new creative

thinking. The era is drawing to a close when only government-backed

projects and those selected by governments could undertake space

voyages. Replacing it will be the era when space is for everyone. Of

course it will be high-priced at first, but it will rapidly make its

way down into accessible price ranges as new technologies and

techniques are developed." (04/02/09)



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Goodbye Jesus

Space is still horribly expensive and for the foreseeable future, only within the budgets of rich countries. One day, it will come down to where rich people can afford it, like they can now afford private planes.


Space travel basics have changed little in the last fifty years. If we could invent a miracle fuel, it could open up the solar system and beyond for us as the motor car opened up whole countries for the common people.

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