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Hi all,


I haven't posted to the forum for a while but if you like reading you may be interested in a new booklet I've written called "The Curse of Christianity".


You can download it at:


Church Hall of Shame (Anti-Church Forum)


Thanks and regards,



Jonathan Castro

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Excellent site. Thanks for posting it and giving me the opportunity to add the abusive church that I grew up in to the "Church Hall of Shame". I proudly do so.


Your booklet is excellent, although I have not had time to read all of it. Exposing the lie of "free will" as Biblical is enough to put it on the "must finish reading" list for me.


Great work.

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Thanks. I think I write fairly well although I didn't really feel like writing a whole book so I settled on a booklet instead. Somehow when the "anger phase" has passed you don't really have any inclination to bash religion any more, so I'm glad I wrote it when I did.

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