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I have tentatively spoken to my mum and my aunty now at seperate times, both 'strong' christians about certain difficulties about christianity, they think i'm still a christian but have some 'funny' ideas - i would describe myself as a closet agnostic at the mo - they both came up with that old chesnut about 'but they're not true christians' then they get all passionate about God so i just um and ah and dont say any more - its very annoying though - just had to put it in writing!!! It annoys me but then i think maybe i should just leave them to their delusions - they are happy with them - but i do find it so very irritating!!

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they both came up with that old chesnut about 'but they're not true christians' then they get all passionate about God so i just um and ah and dont say any more


Or course it's annoying! I know that you love them, and I don't want to show you or them any disrespect, but it sounds like they sense that something's up with you and they can't face it and they're putting up a big religio-babble defensive screen. I think of squids and octopus shooting out ink whenever they feel in danger. I hate presuming upon the motives of others, but that is at least a working hypothesis to test, if you choose to do so.


Protective ink squirt #1: "They're not true Christians. " You did not say who they were talking about, but when they can put someone into the slot of not being a true believer, they don't have to take them seriously or deal with them. That might cause cognitive dissonance or doubt. Whew! Crisis averted.


Protective ink squirt #2: Getting all passionate about God. You did not say what form this took, but waxing doxological in the face of troubling statements that do not conform with a tidy view of the world is a way to make yourself feel better and to cloud the whole discussion with noise and overlook the very real human situation of the speaker.


It's really a shame. On the one hand we have a sincere, sensitive, authentic human being trying to reach out to family members. On the other hand we have fear, defensiveness and a value system that chooses the values of dead writers and an insensitive doctrinal system over openness to the human being standing in front of them.


Like I say, I don't mean to show any disrespect to your relatives. But you have much about which to be annoyed and irritated. Yea humanity! Boo religion!

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It is indeed frustrating.


I have responded to the "not true Christian" approach with an observation of how is it that the Bible is so poorly written that no one but YOU understands it correctly? I wonder what the WRONG Christians think of YOUR interpretation.


See my signature line.

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Florduh - i like your response and i laughed when i read you sig - but dare i be so bold as to upset them so - ha!! That would be very forthright - i'm a very nonconfrontational type - but maybe if it becomes too overwhelmingly frustrating!!


Oddbird - thank you so much for your support and hypothesis - it was spot on!!! Made it very clear to me looking back at the conversations! I guess that is life for me now dealing with them - arggghh!! I'm sure i'll get used to it in the end! Its so nice to be able to come hear and read and talk to others of like mind!

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