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Goodbye Jesus

Will Rogers, Dave Barry, J. C. Watts, Jr.


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"Income taxes have made more liars

out of the American people than golf."

-- Will Rogers

(1879-1935) American humorist





"As a taxpayer, you are required

to be fully in compliance with the United States Tax Code,

which is currently the size and weight of the Budweiser Clydesdales."

-- Dave Barry

(1947- ) Humorist




"The government taxes you when you bring home a paycheck.

It taxes you when you make a phone call.

It taxes you when you turn on a light.

It taxes you when you sell a stock.

It taxes you when you fill your car with gas.

It taxes you when you ride a plane.

It taxes you when you get married.

Then it taxes you when you die.

This is taxual insanity and it must end."

-- J. C. Watts, Jr.

(1957- ) US Congressman from Oklahoma ®, former quarterback in the Canadian Football League


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