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Goodbye Jesus

Ezra Pound, Pat Robertson, U.s. Constitution Article Vi


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"That text is known to them that have the patience to read it, possibly one one-hundredth of one percent of the denizens. They forget it, all save a few Western states. I think somebody in Dakota once read it. The Constitution."

-- Ezra Pound

(1885-1972) American poet

June 30, 1943




"I spent three years getting my law degree at Yale Law School. From the moment

I enrolled, I was assigned huge, leather-bound editions of legal cases to study

and discuss. I read what lawyers and judges, professors and historians said

about the Constitution. But never once was I assigned the task of reading the

Constitution itself...Over the last decade, however, I have become a student of

the Constitution, searching each line for its meaning and intent. Studying the

Constitution is like studying the Bible. It is amazing how much more you will

learn when you quit studying about it and pick it up to read it for yourself."

-- Pat Robertson

Source: 'America's Dates With Destiny' (1986)




"This Constitution...shall be the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND;

and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby"

-- U.S. Constitution Article VI


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