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Space Explosion Farthest Thing Ever Seen


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Space explosion farthest thing ever seen



"A stellar explosion has smashed the record for most distant object in

the known universe. The gamma-ray burst came from about 13 billion

light-years away, and represents a relic from when the universe was

just 630 million years old. 'It easily surpassed the most distant

galaxies and quasars,' said Edo Berger, an astrophysicist at Harvard

University and a leading member of the team that first demonstrated

the burst's origin. 'In fact, it showed that we can use these

spectacular events to pinpoint the first generation of stars and

galaxies.' ... 'The burst most likely arose from the explosion of a

massive star,' said Derek Fox, an astrophysicist at Penn State

University. 'We're seeing the demise of a star -- and probably the

birth of a black hole -- in one of the universe's earliest stellar

generations.'" (04/28/09)



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