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Goodbye Jesus

Fundy Parents Are Visiting


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It's getting harder and harder not to be out. After 20+ years I'm reaching my limit. My parents arrived on Tuesday for a two week stay. And at times it is excruciating. For the most part they know not to bother having religious conversations with me, because even though they don't know I've deconverted, they know we don't go to church and really don't follow the faith anymore. But sometimes they can't resist.


Yesterday there was an ad on TV for some dinosaur stage show and it said something like, "see these majestic animals that haven't been seen for 65 million years ". And Mom looks at me and says, "Do you believe that?". I sighed internally and said, "Yes, I do".


So the conversation ensues... "they went to the moon and they expected it to be much older than it turned out..." I can't even tell you what she said as I tuned out for my mental safety.


Ultimately her argument was simply that the earth can't be that old because it's simply too much time for a "simple mind" to imagine. I took another internal sigh and said, "so you can wrap your head around an infinite god, and being in heaven forever, but you can't imagine 65 million years?"


She didn't answer.


This is day two of 15 days. Oy.


This on top of conversations about how my son is old enough to understand now and I better be making sure he knows Jesus in his heart. It's getting harder and harder not to roll my eyes.


I really just needed to vent. Thanks for listening friends.



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That thing you use for an avatar - leave it under her pillow.

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When you find the answer, you tell me and vise versa. I'm reaching my limit with my mother and she's calling even more than she did before and guess what she usually talks, from start to finish- her sports connection Jesus is an understatement.


BTW, last time she called, she said, "I really wish you were going to church". :rolleyes: I haven't outed myself to her, but she hasn't put two and two together yet. If I out myself, I will catch all hell, worse than when I say something that is counterdictory to her beliefs.

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Guest ephymeris

My mom becamed obsessed with my lack of faith about a year ago when I guess she finally noticed that I'm probably not avoiding church because I don't like getting up on Sundays, maybe it's because I'm no longer a christian. It all started when I admitted I was voting for Obama. Anyway, after several crazy temper tantrums from her, her telling me I was as big a disappointment as my drughead TBI brother, and her repeated demands for answers from me, I decided that since she wasn't adult enough for me to be honest with, I would just end the conversation my way. I finally got some peace from my mom just by telling her "I don't feel comfortable talking about this with you anymore" everytime she tried to grill me on my religious beliefs and intentions. I just repeated it like a mantra until she stopped asking. I got all the crying guilt trips about how I wasn't being open with her and I told her she was right, I didn't want to talk about it. I love my mom but she doesn't really want to know who I am, she only wants to believe in the lie of who she thinks I am....much like her stupid christian faith. Well, hope your 15 days go fast...hang in there!!!

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Well, I have honestly thought of telling her what her worst fear was- "I got an education, Mother". She didn't want me to go to a State ran uni because she was worried it would "ruin my faith". I didn't have any to begin with, esp since I was fighting her all the way. She should have known long ago something was different about my thinking when she snatched the Humanist information from me when I was a teenager. :lol: It was what I wanted- I wanted the Humanist info, I wanted to go to a State uni, I did not want a Christian college education nor did I want a business education. I wanted to learn everything I could I get my hands on, I did it and I'm doing it. Reason IS the enemy of faith. I love learning.


In fact, when I was telling her about zygotes and alike she asked, "How did you learn this?" I said, "I got an education, Mother." Her response was, "I don't understand." She shut down that fast.

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