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Love Your Children? Teach Them How To Safely Handle Guns


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Love your children? Teach them how to safely handle guns

Gun Rights Examiner

by David Codrea


"A Utah teenager died after apparently shooting himself with a

revolver loaded with blanks. ... The 'solution,' as presented by those

who wish guns to disappear, is to teach children to avoid them. They

must be locked up in safes, separated from ammunition, we are told, so

that children cannot access them. ... The unintended consequence of

the avoidance approach is it ensures ignorance, so if a child does

encounter a gun, they will be clueless as to what to do next. ... That

means giving your children development-appropriate gun training.

Notice I did not say 'age.' It varies ...This means, at some point,

you need to teach your child how to handle a gun." (05/08/09)



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