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Goodbye Jesus

Saigon Again?


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It is ONLY our coin, time, honor and LIVES being squandered.... ONLY..





Saigon again?


by Philip Giraldi


"The problem with assessing President Barack Obama's foreign policy

after little more than 100 days is that it is nearly impossible to

distinguish what has already become policy from approaches that might

be termed more tentative. Does he really think that a continued

American engagement in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and on behalf of

Israel serves the national interest? Maybe not. There are signs that a

broad reassessment of U.S. policy is underway, though critics who have

been rightly soured by eight years of George W. Bush's blundering note

that Obama appears to have embraced the interventionist formula that

has proven so disastrous. Nation-building will not work in

Afghanistan, and interference in neighboring Pakistan has produced a

nuclear country that is self-destructing. Taking the two countries

together, it is clear that Central Asia has become the poster child

for U.S. foreign policy ineptitude." (05/12/09)



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Guest QuidEstCaritas?

If he gets out of those three countries and publicly denounces the Fascist GWOT ideology (rather than just changing the name like he had Leon Panetta of CIA do) then I will have a measure of confidence restored in him. If not then he and his entire administration needs to be removed from power, by force if necessary, and our entire government would then be dismembered piece by piece until we started over from scratch.

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