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Goodbye Jesus

For The Love Of The Game


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A thought struck me a few minutes ago...I wonder if I'm crazy or not... I am a rabid sports fan lately. I have jerseys, and follow my team's blogs etc. When my team plays, I believe they will win because we are superior in intellect and are more hardworking than the others teams. My faith in my team is absolute, and I have become an apologetic for it's failings, and will defend the character of the coaches and players if it comes into question. We cannot be wrong, other fans simply hate us because we're so good.


I have replaced religion with sport! Perhaps sport is a healthy outlet for our tribal urges, instead of say race or religion or politics. Sports fans often have their own strange customs and traditions, which should not be questioned by newbies. There is discipline and loyalty. There are rites of suffering, like painting your chest on a cold day, or watching your team blow a lead because you didn't believe hard enough. If an ex-christian misses the tribal community of church, perhaps turning to sports can help find a cause that is not as self-destructive as religion.


(And in the Fall, Sunday is again the holiest of days!)

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