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Goodbye Jesus

The Real Deal With Christianity


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Hi everyone mmy first ever post...hope its gonna be ok... :grin:

Hmm where to begin. Well after being exposed to the born again christian faith for over 35 years and sadly finally succuming to the immense pressure to join their merry band for the last 20 years, I feel very well placed to comment on the truth behind the sales pitch.


Christianity is designed to be a complex faith to keep you confused so you cannot live without help of the zeolous, crazed, overhyped frenzy it is today.


In a nutshell it is a faith sustained and based on one single commodity...FEAR :eek:


There are only 5 key critieria that the 'chosen ones' need to continually spin their web of deceipt to keep you hooked or to hook you in.


1. Its always your fault. It doesn't matter what happens in your life its your fault never Gods..therefore bow down you worthless cretin and thank God you are so useless so he can take his place as supreme ruler and break you to make you. Scripture upon scripture will be poured out like a mountain waterfall to oppress you and put you under immense pressure to give in and humbly accept they are right - they do so love to be right all the time - FEAR again controls you


(PS almost forgot by the way Christina people are supremly well trained so even though you will inevitably come across huge inconsistencies in the bible that 100% exist and strange concepts which make little sense accept to the disturbed mind they will wriggle out of the argument with comsumate ease being skilled in moving the gioalposts to perpetuate their own stance and negate yours as being a commoners poor education of the truth...Remember they have to right ok even at the expense of truth:o)


2. Giving. You must must must always subscribe to the expectation that you have to give your money to the 'cause' or local church...it is essential you believe the spin that it will come back 100 fold...oh yes....tithing is of paramount importance...how else do you think these evangelical big wigs can afford their air travel and luxury lives?

Oh an by the way if you dont give..woe to you is the reply to drum their favourite weapon FEAR again controls you


3. You are ever good enough. It doesnt matter what you achieve you will never match up m8 no matter how hard you try to singl the hyms/choruses, witness, pray, give, fast, do good deeds there is ALWAYS a nother mile to go...FEAR again controls you


4. Gods will vs your will. Will god answer your prayers??? hmm well he might then again he might not but you will have to accept this as par for the course....just maybe there is yet again something else in your life that is wrong and ungodly that requires the holy spirit to change THEN he might answer your prayers...honest my ol chum....but then again he still may not because blah blah blah...FEAR again controls your life


5. The ultimate weapon of choice....HELL oh yes my child if you don't do as we say and you don't do what we tell you god is telling us to tell you to do you will go to hell....wooooahhhh....easy tiger...I dont like that bit...then you will be under our spell and think you are incapable of making a decisoion without first consulting us to confirm whether we agree with your thoughts....FEAR again controls you.


It may seem cynical but it isn't - its a true account of the real deal behind the sales pitch, behind the facade of the big teeth, white grinning, smiling super joyous spin doctors who love nothing more than to say their message without words...."hey come and join us..its soooo much fun and we're always happy and smiley every waking moment honest....we dont have problems...we dont have arguyments...our life is EDEN of course...we are really fab people you'd like us...we have loads of money and always get everything and more than we need....you must come and join in the fun ol chap you dont know what your missing"


Trouble is once they hook you in then the problems start...they WILL begin to break down your identity peice by peice and 'rebuild you' in the glory of god....LOL...I still chuckle at that one...


So in conclusion..is there a god? Well I refer back to my childhood in some respects and think well there must be something but as long as it doesnt bother me I'm not bothered..can I have a biscuit and go out and play with my mates please...hurrah...freedom, mud and a 4 hour football match with 22 a side..bring it on..


Honestly if Christianity was anything it claims to be why it is deviod of humility, empty of truth and driven with the frightening power of FEAR. Worse still giovenred by people who are clinically insane..just watch benny Hinn...that guy is barking mad..better still the god channel on sky...rory and wendy and their motley crew...LOL...its the new circus ...BUT sadly no elephants..


My philosophy in life:

You are all you will ever need and you have everything you will ever need to navigate through this thing called life fine...Believe in yourself not a god...stay true to yourself not a god and never ever allow anyone to tell you you are not good enough because you dam well are..nobody has the right to tell you anything different - you are unique and able exactly as you are. Its taken me 20 years to unshackle myself from the prison of christianity and I am free - feels chuffin fantastic I can assure you.


All the best everyone

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Excellent post lifeofbrian...it really helped to solidify some things in my brain. You are right. Fear seems to be the controlling factor in all of xtianity. When I deconverted it was fear that was foremost in my mind. Now what normal and loving relationship is based on fear? No relationship should be. Yet the xtian one is full of it. Fear of hell, fear of disappointing god, fear of your own thoughts and desires. Fear of sinning and falling away. It is endless and no wonder it makes mental basket cases of people. :Hmm:

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I would Disagree with nothing in that post, although all church's come in slightly different flavors these themes seem to be constant.

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Great post there. This makes a lot of very good points, especially the first. "It's Always Your Fault". Guilt is another favorite weapon of theirs as well.

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