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Goodbye Jesus

Tolerance And Respect


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A friend of mine and I drove past a bunch of Anti-Choicers protesting outside on the street the other day, and I had a few nasty choice words about how revolting they and their "beliefs" are.


My friend said, "You should show more respect and be more tolerant of other people and their beliefs, especially if you want them to tolerate and respect yours."


No, I do not. My tolerance of Christianity begins and ends with thinking they should not be harmed for their beliefs. I believe fully they should be able to build their churches, worship, and practice whatever they want without threat of harm or oppression because of it.


However I do NOT have to respect it. I can't respect the stupidity that is Christianity, nor most of it's followers. I certainly don't have any sort of respect for the moral slime sucking assholes that are Anti-Choice, especially since they ARE out to oppress others. You have to be a seriously defective human being to swallow that shit, and I have no problem fighting against it or being vociferous in how retarded it all is.

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I hate this stupid idea as well.


Not every idea is equally valid and deserving of respect.


I tolerate religion, but do not respect it. They are not the same thing.


I have no obligation whatsoever to respect anyone's beliefs at all. I just have to put up with them, which is exactly what tolerate means.


That's all I'm required. Tolerance. Nothing more.


I have every right to say that any such beliefs are stupid.


I've explained this to many Christians in the past, and will probably spend the rest of my life doing so in the future.


They don't seem to understand that attempts at conversion are disrespectful of other's beliefs by their very nature.


The Christians who respect the beliefs of others are the ones who don't bother others with their own faith and keep it to themselves.


Nothing irks me more than whiny pushy Christians who screech about how I have to 'respect their beliefs'.


No. I. Don't.


All that's required of me is to put up with it, and you're an idiot for buying that BS line.

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I respect the beliefs of others so far as they have boundaries on their religion/beliefs, i.e. you can believe in Jesus all you want, but you may not proselytise to me, and you may not take my rights not to suffer from your beliefs away from me.

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I hate the delusion that everyone should tiptoe around religion and treat the subject with kid gloves. I've been in debates with xians before and they've ended up resorting to ad hominems and saying that I was insulting them when I was doing no such thing. If you criticize the religion, they take it as this personal attack, and it's so stupid that they can't separate the two. It's about as absurd as if some scientist got personally offended that I would dare criticize some scientific principle. Religion is not above scrutiny, and it pisses me off when people pretend that it is.

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