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Goodbye Jesus

There Is Life After Jesus

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So, I think I shared how I left my faith behind about six years ago. This thread is specifically to demonstrate to those who have recently fled Christianity or are questioning it that life doesn't end when you stop believing in jesus.


Seven years ago I was a miserable, bitchy, unstable person. I was unhappy with just about every aspect of my life; my job, my family, everything. I hated my job and I worked in a christian ministry. I had wanted to go into ministry my whole life and when I finally did, it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I finally got a good look at how "ministry" really worked behind the scenes and it was pretty ugly. My family life was just bad. We were unhappy, struggling financially, deep in debt, and always guilt-ridden about not giving enough to the church. We were constantly badgered to give more; more time, more money... We were strapped emotionally and financially as it was. We were also very closeted, both of us as queer as pink beer and too afraid to ever tell anyone, so we kept up the good front: nice couple, always smiling, well-behaved children, active in the church, giving til it hurt.


Well it came to a point where we couldn't keep up the front anymore and some scandals happened in the church that turned us off, which left us both wondering what on earth we were doing living like this. Both of us had tried since childhood to be what everyone else wanted, now the dam just broke and we decided to become who we really were and wanted. To make a long story short, we left the church for good, divorced, became friends, and just let our hair down. What has happened since? Well, we're both now in stable relationships with people we WANT to be with. Our children come home with straight A's and good reports. We are told a lot how well respectful they are, even though we've never taught them any bible or jesus crap since they were little. We live two blocks from each other in a nice quiet suburb and the kids share us pretty much equally. My partner and I just bought our dream home; a huge old Victorian with lots of character. The kids love it and we're in our glory. When everyone else is having problems in this economy we both have good jobs, have been able to save money, and are doing pretty well. Her family loves me, they accept both of us and we get along wonderful. My mother in law is wonderful, supportive and helpful. My family on the other hand is pretty hateful and wants nothing to do with us, except for my mother who still maintains contact but at a distance. Can you guess which one of us comes from the fundy family and which one of us was raised by atheists?


So you see, leaving christianity behind doesn't mean you're going to die, or be struck by lightning, or be cursed. I'm happier and way more stable now, six years post-deconversion than I ever was until then. So if you're thinking about taking the big steps or you have recently and have doubts, stop being afraid. Things didn't go all smooth from day one for me, but ultimately I am so much better off and you will be too. You will one day look back and wonder how you ever survived all the guilty feelings and pressure. You'll also realize that you're not only still a good person, you're probably a better person than you were.


Good luck!

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Hey, that's an awesome story. Glad to hear from someone who has gone through all that and come out (no pun intended!) on the other side doing well.


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Guest dragonfly310

I thank you for your encouragement. Sometimes, the journey is terrifying and disappointing (long sought friends abandon you), other times it is so exhilarating you can't help but laugh at loud and marvel at the world.

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im very alone in my journey,everyone around me is religious,i dont personally know anyone like me that thinks like i do...........its odd and sucks,

but whatever right..............your story was nice

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