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Goodbye Jesus

Youtube Christian Vs. The Rev

Reverend AtheiStar

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I can see where you are coming from if i wasnt raised in a Christian Home i probably would be an Athiest too......but im sooo glad im not..so im just curious...how does it feel to think that theres no purpose to life, no higher power, and nothing after death....i could never live like that...

These are My Beliefs:

God the Holy Spirit and Jesus are all one

Jesus Willingly Died for us ( he did ask if he could get out of it but he said "not my will but thine be done" thats like asking if theres another way to save people other than dying)

Jesus Rose on the Third day just as he told his disciples he would

then ascended into heaven about 40 days later i think

and hes coming back someday for all the people (dead or alive) that are saved.

...these are just some of my beliefs..


My Reply:


I was raised in a Christian home. I went to church every Sunday. I even went to Sunday school. Why do you think that would prevent me from becoming an Atheist? It is knowing about Christianity that led to its collapse.


Likewise, I'm so glad I'm not a Christian, anymore! Besides the obvious benefit of not ever having to go to church, again, it is a total liberation of the mind! You are free to see the universe as it really is! You are freed from the shackles of superstition and mythology that is religion. You can understand how the world really works, how it really began, how it all evolved! How exciting is that?! It's so much better than anything any religion, ever made, has ever come up with!


To answer your question: great! It feels wonderful! If there was a god then it would be completely and unimaginable evil. All would burn in Hell. This god would be nothing but a sick Peeping Tom who got off to our suffering. I'm overjoyed that this beast is only imaginary! Check out my site for more details: www.malevolentdesign.org


My life does have meaning and purpose, though, just not the religious variety, which is what you were referring to above. In fact, since I'm an Atheist, I argue that my life actually has a billion times more meaning than yours and my purpose is much higher. You are actually the one to be felt sorry for. This is because as a nonbeliever in souls and immortality, this life's value increases exponentially! The same cannot be said of you, as you believe this life is something that must be endured until you reach the perfect, magical paradise. How could this life ever be worth anything by that comparison? I don't have that problem. As far as purpose goes, I have many. It's just that I don't believe I'm the slave of a Master who only values me for his sadistic entertainment. I am a father of three and so two of my purposes are to take care of them and love them. I am the husband of my wife. I have plenty of purposes there, as well. I'm an Atheist writer and activist. My purposes there are spreading the word about what I believe and fighting against prejudice and intolerance. Just these three give me more than enough purpose in my life!


You're a Trinitarian? That's not a surprise. Too bad it's contradicted by your scripture. The Bible supports the idea of three separate gods to rule the upper realm with just one to rule the lower.


Jesus begged to get out of his death sentence three times and was coldly ignored, knowing full well that it was Daddy's wish for him to suffer and die -- not his own.


The whole idea of killing your child to forgive others is not only retarded, but insane. And why is that the only way to open up the gates of Heaven? Why not just open it without a blood sacrifice?


In none of the descriptions does Jesus reanimate in three days. According to Mark it's just one!


His Star Trek-like ascension is supposed to have occurred a few days after the execution, not 40. 40 is the number of days in the desert and days of rain for the Flood.


If you read the Bible, the Jesus character tells people that he's coming back before any of them die. That was supposed to have been 2,000 years ago -- and he still hasn't made an appearance! Did he forget, or change his mind?

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Just read through most of your site. Very thought provoking and nicely written. Added you as a friend on facebook. Look for the weird name spelling.

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I am confused.....the youtube link above takes me to a Diamond Rio music video. Is that what is supposed to be there? If I don't get it...sorry...


That is where the argument started. As you can imagine, it's simply swarming with rabid fundies.


What's posted above isn't found there, though. That was sent to my YouTube inbox. I just sent him another reply dealing with the unscriptural nature of the Trinity, part of which I posted here in General Theological Issues. It's a history of the brutality that has existed bwteen this major division within Christianity. It's the typical bloodshed over absolutely nothing -- except for absolute power and control.

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Just read through most of your site. Very thought provoking and nicely written. Added you as a friend on facebook. Look for the weird name spelling.


Thank you very much! It's the first chapter of my first book.


Ah, I know exactly who you are then. I was intrigued by such a long and complex looking name, I have to say. That'd be because I love strange names. My children are Epicurus Xavier, Aesara Rogue and Cady Storm. :)

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