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I Wish I Were A Rotten Egg


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My mother used to work for Hallmark Cards. She actually wrote some of the greeting cards with her poetry--we're talking the late 1950s. She liked to tell the story of the time Dwight D. Eisenhower toured the company. She was getting off an elevator and her gal pal pointed down the hall and said, 'look it's the President!' My mom replied, 'no, it's not.' And Eisenhower grinned and said, 'yes, it is!'


My mom used to read this poem to me when I was a little boy.


I Wish I Were A Rotten Egg


I wish I were a rotten egg, as rotten as could be.

I wish I were a rotten egg just a sittin' in a tree.

And when a naughty boy walked by and said a naughty word at me,

I'd pick myself up and splatter me on he!

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