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Why Do Atheists Have To Talk About Atheism?


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Why do atheists have to talk about atheism?


by Greta Christina


"The sentiment gets worded in many different ways. 'The new atheists

are so evangelical.' 'This atheist criticism of religion is just

intolerant.' 'You atheists are just as close-minded as the hard-line

religious believers you're criticizing.' But the essence of it is the

same: The fact that many atheists are talking publicly about our

atheism, and are trying to persuade people that we're right about it,

shows that we're ... well, evangelical, intolerant and close-minded.

So today, I want to explain why so many atheists think it's important

to talk about atheism ... and why many of us try to persuade other

people that atheism is correct." (06/26/09)



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