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Goodbye Jesus



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I am a on and off poster at this site, and I just got finished with my first year of college. I learned about a principal called Racial Dualism, that for an "African american" such as myself, would have to fight sides with an african identity, and an american identity, and because of it one more would emerge.


Now say that you believed that the principles of religion and conscience. Now say that you believe that because the true knowledge of God is unattainable.


Its like knowing that there are such things as love and happiness, but also realizing that at a basic state, they are here because of matter.


Most people would say that is Agnosticism, but I will call it "Dualism". Dualism is like saying that you fight with these two identities knowing that even one more would emerge because of it.


Dualism, the ultimate balance between nilism (nothing matters) and hope (everything matters).

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