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Goodbye Jesus

Dangerous Times

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As much as I love my aunt and uncle I wanted to roll my eyes at this email they gave me. Since debating them (though they respect other opinions) is kinda useless, I thought I'd discet to get the issues out...


It seems that at the time of 9-11 people were turning back to God. Churches in America were filled with people praying, but it only lasted for a while.

Since then American seems to have turned its back on God. The bible says along with confession the people need to repent and turn from their wicked ways or they are in danger of judgement !!

In America today we find the following :

Drug Scourge (drug dealers rob, steal and murder; nation plagued with LSD, ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, oxycontin, zoloft, xanax and alcohol)


And this never happened before. About a hundred years ago, there were opium dens, doctors thought it was perfectly ok to suggest cocane to their patients and Coca-Cola actually put that stuff in their drinks.


Witchcraft & Satanism (churches of Wicca and Satan are now flourishing and have tax exempt status; Santeria, Native American nature and spirit worship; New Age movement; scores of movies and books promoting witchcraft and satanism)


Let's see there's The Craft, Practical Magic, Bewitched...Dang that's sure a lot.


Pedophilia (child molestation rampant throughout society, even in churches)


Not that child molestation is no longer the family secret with funny uncles, it seems big. And just ask my mom, she even witnessed a preist sexually abuse a girl when she was little and that was in the 50's.


Pornography (multi-billion dollar industry; child porn rampant; porno is #1 seller on internet and at video stores; snuff "death" films make millions)


Please stop thinking porn is nothing more than snuff and kids.


Homosexual Depravity (same-sex marriages; transvestites, drag queens; gay culture; homosexuality taught in schools; sodomy legalized)


Yeah, they gotta have someone to hate now that non-whites are respected as human beings.


Music Vulgarity (sexual barbarity; hip-hop culture; heavy metal adoration of devils)


Have you ever listened to some of the old blues and jazz records from the early 1900s? Some of them are loaded with sex, murder and drugs. And not every metal band is a satan-worshiper. I know Glenn from Decide is a Satanist (and he refuses to list his name in the phone book to avoid people harassing him and his family) and Marylin Manson is (I think.) That sure is a lot.


Rape of Children (satanic cartoons; blood and violence; video and internet games; witchcraft and sexual comic books; pedophilia on rise; library and textbooks filled with violence and anti-Christianity; witchcraft and sex themes)


Where are these satanic cartoons? And aren't the sexual comics like Bondage Fairies and Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose are labeled as such. Man, I haven't seen this much fear of "witches" since the Salem Witch Trials.


The Professions (greedy medical doctors and lawyers who cheat, steal, lie, and kill; school teachers and psychiatrists having sex with students and patients)


And this never happened in the past right?


Law Enforcement (police regularly beat and molest victims, and violate citizens' rights; judges and courts are corrupt)


See above.


Tax Systems (agents of the IRS and other tax authorities are law breakers and thugs; taxes have gone up ten times since 1948)


Also see above.


Antichrist Lobby Groups (ACLU, ADL, and other God-haters work hand-in-hand with corrupt law enforcement officials and wicked judges to harass and brutalize Christians and work to remove vestiges of the Christian faith from public life)


And Christians don't do the same thing by forcing their agendas down our throats?


Murder (kids are killing parents and teachers; parents are killing kids; serial killers and violent teens are murdering at a brisk pace; culture spawns violence)


Blah, blah, blah everything was evil when I got old.


Defunct Schools (atrocities abound; guns; knives; drugs; test cheaters and plagiarists; homosexual teachers; lax discipline; gangs; rapes; SAT and achievement test scores drop like a rock; many parents forced to home school or put kids in private schools. Nevertheless, school taxes explode upward.)


That is a problem, I'll adimt (except for the gay teachers.)


Body Mutilation (piercings of navels, tongues, ears, and every other body part are common; tattoos depict serpents, skulls, death, horror; young girls into cutting of flesh)


What's so evil about tattoos and it's funny they even mention ears.


Language (profanity and filth are heard on TV, radio, everywhere)

Idols (worst example of humans are often made into celebrities and idols - the raunchy and dishonest are promoted as exemplars and role models)


I sort of agree with this one.


Political Trash (a President of the U.S.A. has sex with women. The majority howl their approval. Democrats and Republicans alike are wicked and demented.)


They didn't howl with approval, they just thought that there were more important things to worry about.


Perverse Churches (clergy applaud homosexuality; many clergy are homosexuals and pedophiles who openly criticize God's Word; churchmen laugh at concepts like "sin" and "hell" and promote the ecumenical theology of religions being valid; false prophets and false teachers hoodwink deluded masses; few people today know the difference between right and wrong)

Abortion (slaughter of innocents reaches grim total of 45 million since Roe v. Wade; even partial birth abortion is legalized)


But fuck you to the already born.


Prayer Banned (group prayer is now unlawful in school, at athletic events and elsewhere)

Mention of Jesus (unlawful in schools and elsewhere, except as curse word)

Ten Commandments (removed from our schools and courtrooms; no public display allowed)


Church and state.


Christmas Travesty (Jesus removed; commercialism reigns; public manager scenes now banned by courts)

Fiendish Movies ("Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and other movies about sexual violence, necrophilia, rape, cannibalism, and worse are wildly popular)


That movie was more than 30 years ago. And movies with that much of those things are rarer than you think.


Death Culture (schools now take kids to cemeteries for "death education", movies show sex with dead corpses; euthanasia of the elderly endorsed by many)


Where the fuck is this concept coming from (the first one) and what movies are they talking about?


No-Win Wars (massacre and genocide in Palestine, Iraq and elsewhere; no-win wars and conflicts fought in Haiti, Panama, Korea, Vietnam, Columbia, etc.)

Violence and Bloodshed (TV and movies saturated with Mafia hits, body dismemberment; rising crime wave by illegal aliens is unchecked by authorities)


Just because there's one show that was on (The Sopranos) the mafia doesn't mean they all are like that.


Terrorism (snipers; airplane hijackers; anthrax scares; U.S.A. hated because we help Israel exploit and kill Arabs; U.S. Government secretly becomes biggest purveyor of terrorist networks; $200 billion spent by government for CIA and counter-terrorism operations)

Big Brother (citizens lose privacy; cameras and wiretaps everywhere; law enforcement spies number in millions; liberties under siege)


But since a good "Christian" Republican helped with those things, we won't make them responsible for it.


Racial Injustice (many blacks hate whites; whites are discriminated against by law; minorities run rough shod over rights of the majority; illegal immigrants are favored over citizens; 20 million illegals abuse America's welfare and health systems)


There's some points, but these people are so annoying so it kind of goes against them.


Environmentalism (Mother earth globalists conspire with government to close down national forests and restrict access of citizens to parks and monuments; private property rights are savaged)


Why would mother earth people want to do that?


Sports Crimes (Super Bowl half-time is crude satanic/sex extravaganza; celebrity athletes often are marauders; a baseball star spits in face of referee)


It was one fucking nipple-slip don't treat it like it's the end of the world and that the rest of the half-times are like that. And that was ONE baseball player, stop calling the rest of them monsters!


Foreign Relations (U.S. gives billions in foreign aid to Russia, Israel, Egypt and others, but still is the most hated nation on earth; people everywhere despise us but want our money)


Given how the people in charge act, I can sort of see why.


Crime Wave (many people hide behind locked doors and barricades, afraid to go out at night; car jackings and burglaries surge; sales of alarm and security systems at all time high; criminals commit scores of crimes before they're stopped, then lax judges let many go scot-free)


There is some truth, but then again Black girls in the early 1900's also feared going out because they might get hurt and couldn't do much about it.


Women vs. Men (women taught to hate men; men taught to sexualize and abuse women; hip-hop rap music videos and CD's call women "whores" and "bitches" and promote rape and sexual violence; young women taught it's trendy to show off breasts and "go wild".


Men have had those lessons for a long time and for a while thought it was ok to treat women like punching bags and slaves. I agree there are a number of mysogynist rap videoes, but it's not fair to lump them all in there.


Veterans Dishonored (many V.A. hospitals have been closed; health care denied veterans; hundreds of thousands are maimed and dead from Agent Orange sickness and Persian Gulf illness)


Blame that nice "Christian" president and Cheney for doing some of that.


Food Tainted (food supplies poisoned and tainted; mad cow disease; fish polluted; insecticides; genetic spoilation, etc.)


Not like in the past when spoiled meat or had a human finger ground up in it was ok to sell to people.


Moral Bankrupt (more young people shack up than marry; sub-teen kids are now having sex and babies out of wedlock; abortion is America's #1 killer. Heinously, partial birth abortion is legalized by courts. Thievery and bribes everywhere; corporate crime at peak; TV, movies and other cultural indicators give evidence of moral disaster. Lotteries, illegal betting and gambling are gigantic industries; venereal and other sexually transmitted diseases affect tens of millions)


More of the same. Let's go back to the dark ages where you married at 14 and could only have sex a certain way. Yes bad things happen and they need to be answered, but these people as I said before sure live in a totally deranged, paranoid and cynical world where they totally blind to the past.

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Guest Speedbump

Love your Avatar!

It is now, and has always been, about fear with these folks. Fear is contagious, so sheilds up, brain on, engage "Big Picture" vision. (Beer helps too, although I prefer Scotch.)

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Love your Avatar!

It is now, and has always been, about fear with these folks. Fear is contagious, so sheilds up, brain on, engage "Big Picture" vision. (Beer helps too, although I prefer Scotch.)


Thanks, she's just so cute that I had to use her and she's from one of my favorite games. And so much of this is blown out of proportion to quite rediculous hights. For example: Ty Cobb would make any of today's athletic bad boys look like pussies. You almost gotta fear yet feel sorry for these people and how paranoid they are. You gotta think how bland the world would be if they got their way not to mention that they'd have to keep the populace paranoid even when they get rid of everything they hate.

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The only thing new in this world is the fact that we can nuke ourselves out. All things listed above have been with humanity since we started to form civilizations.


As for a Death Culture in schools, not once have I encountered that nor have I heard of anyone going on field trips to cemeteries. That is just blatantly false.


Sex scandals have plagued Washington even before it moved to Washington D.C. There is absolutely nothing new.


Zoloft is now a narcotic? Well, I guess I'm an addict if that be the case.


Do they really think tattoos and body piercings are a new thing? Does anyone remember seeing pictures of Africans with huge plates in their lips? Well, that was a result of them avoiding being in the slave trade because no white man will buy them if they have a deformity. (And I am quite aware of the fact that many African tribes were participating in the slave trades by capturing and selling people from different tribes.)

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They just seem to just throw stuff together just to see what sticks and throw more pop culture references than a Dreamworks animated movie.

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How about fighting fire with fire? Make up your own stuff. How about, believing in god causes you to crap out thick snake-like turds that try to bite you in your bottom if you don't stand up fast enough? Point out to them that, as ridiculous as that sounds to them, that's exactly how ridiculous their arguments sound to you.

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Oh, oh, oh, how about saying that having religion causes a demon to anally rape you in your sleep, then gives you a Hitler.

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Thanks, but I'd like to stay on good terms with my relatives.

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As for a Death Culture in schools, not once have I encountered that nor have I heard of anyone going on field trips to cemeteries. That is just blatantly false.



Well, when I was in elementary school, we visited the cemetery, but it was a local history thing, not a "Death Culture" thing. We took rubbings of gravestones and tried to research the people.

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Thanks, but I'd like to stay on good terms with my relatives.


Ah, no poop jokes, then. I understand. ;)

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Well, when I was in elementary school, we visited the cemetery, but it was a local history thing, not a "Death Culture" thing. We took rubbings of gravestones and tried to research the people.


That sounds kinda cool. BTW, what the heck is the death culture and how come they never include war and the death penalty in that?

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