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Goodbye Jesus

Reintroducing Myself


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Hi, I'm Mark. Used to be known as graphicsguy on here. Don't do graphics work anymore so I ended up changing it.


Haven't been on in a long time since I was concentrating on my real-life social network.


Seems to be a lot of new people on here. Good! The more that leave the cult, the better! Good for you all!


I won't reiterate my extimony, but here's the nutshell:


Left Xianity due to emotional/mental abuse from the church, my wife, and myself. Had a hormone imbalance that completely messed with my head causing clinical depression, manic/depressive-like cycles, and schizophrenic-like symptoms. When modern medicine healed me it set off a chain-reaction of events that caused me to ultimately leave the faith and my family. I had to get away to get healthy.


So, here I am two years later...it honestly feels like 5 or 10 years due to the amount of shit that's gone on.


Anyway, I'm going to cut to the chase and tell you what's going on now (yes...more drama in my stupid life).


3 years ago (while a Xian and while messed up) I did something I should not have done. I was too damaged to realize that what I was doing was going to have long-term effects like it has. I wasn't capable of considering my actions, I just acted.


Long story short, I'm under house-arrest until mid-October (since mid-July).


For someone that's become an extrovert, this is killing me. I'm am so, so, so, so glad that I moved back in April and have roommates now. I do have some good friends that come to visit, but I've only known most people a short time (a year at the very most). My social life was just coming together and *BOOM* I got slammed right back to practically living with my wife (that was exactly like being under house-arrest).




The Law is a system. It is a monster. It is not your friend. It is not about justice. It is THE LAW and you simply don't fuck with it.


I came clean, I cooperated. Good for my mental health at the time, I don't regret it for that one reason only. However, do you think the Law understood that? Think it actually considered what was best and healthiest for me? Not in the slightest. I became a free feather in the prosecution's cap.


Did I do something wrong? Yes. Did I need to be punished for it? Fact is, I've been punished for it over and over and over during the last 3 years (spending $6000 on a lawyer to represent me in another town was painful too). Trust me...it's not going to happen again due to a large variety of reasons.


I also think that stating my animosity towards religion didn't help me at all. The woman who wrote-up my presentence report (now my probation officer)...well, I believe she's a Xian and I don't believe she was totally non-biased. There are just certain lines in the report and certain things she says to me now that are...hmmm...suspiciously biased.


Oh yeah...and I am allowed to attend religious services during house-arrest, but can't do fuck-all else...go figure.


Anyway, there's my stupid life for you again. More proof (to me) that Xianity is just there to fuck you over every chance it gets. If I never step foot in a church again it will be too soon.

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Welcome back, Mark! (I think I will always think of you as GG. :)) I’m sorry that you have been having such a difficult time. I know it probably seems like an eternity, but mid-October is not that far away. Hang in there! You’ll be hanging out with friends and flirting with waitresses before you know it!


Take care and keep us posted. It’s good to see you again!!!

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nice to meet you mark, everything will be fine, just don't fuck with the probation lady or is it don't fuck the probation lady.

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or is it don't fuck the probation lady.


Hahaha...not likely!

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I hope that you will recover from this and create an enjoyable life for yourself.


The Law is indeed a merciless system, which is why we need to protect it from the morality police.

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