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If The Holy Spirt Doesn't Work, Maybe Drugs Will.


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The age of enhancement


Would you take a drug to be ethically better?




Investigation of PTSD has been an important cause of new research into memory. And our understanding of memory is, in turn, propelling a debate about what is known as enhancement, or the boosting of human capacities beyond a normal level. The first issue to emerge was physical enhancement, such as doping in sports and mood enhancement with drugs like Prozac. Then came varieties of cognitive enhancement, as aids to concentration like Ritalin or newer “neuroenhancing” drugs like Adderall which are used by stressed students or harried office workers. Most contentiously, scientists now see possibilities to modify our moral character, using neurological techniques to make us ethically better—or perhaps worse (See box p44). And the latest research holds out the promise of drugs to help forget traumatic memories, or even to stay devoted to our sexual partners. Many people—notably some religious leaders, doctors, scientists, politicians and philosophers—have misgivings about much of this. But when they spell out their qualms, their reasoning is often shakier than it first appears. Nonetheless, this is not a debate we can ignore. What scientists are now discovering about memory presents us with an interesting set of dilemmas.


Read it all: http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/2009/09/the-age-of-enhancement/


After suffering from PTSD for so many years I don't know that I'd take a drug to get rid of it. Thinking about this I find that I'm kind of attached to my screwed up mental state. I'm not sure I'd be me if I got rid of it altogether. Perhaps being perfectly sane would drive me nuts.

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I only take a prescription to keep me from getting so wacked up that I commit suicide.

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