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A Take On The Lord's Prayer


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I was sorta mad I missed my first Blasphemy Day http://www.blasphemyday.com/what-is-blasphemy-day/

So, I got inspired to do some blasphemy of my own. *evil grins*


I need some help. I'm not sure what to call this piece. I don't want to call it a prayer, because I don't pray. Perhaps a creed? The Human's Creed?


Also, do I have all the thy's, thee's and thine's in the right place?




Oh (insert your name here), who exists materially,

Awesome be thy life.

Thy breath draws now;

Thy will be done here, only in the precious moment.

Thy and thy alone, provide thy life’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sustenance;

Forgive thine own transgressions and seek forgiveness from others that thou has transgressed.

Let rationality and objectivity keep thee from temptation.

Thy choice, to examine what is, shall deliver thee from evil.

For thine existence is the kingdom; thine mind is the power, and thine very being the glory, from known instant to know instant. Amen.

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