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Religious Political Creep


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Religious political creep

Strike the Root

by Robert Johnson


"The Christian Reconstruction movement wants the U.S. government, and

eventually the entire planet, based on the Bible, both the Old and the

New Testaments but with an emphasis on the Old Testament.


Unlike the neoconservative movement which was founded by a Jew (Leo Strauss) and

is largely Jewish, the Christian Reconstruction movement was founded

by a Calvinist, Rousas John Rushdoony, and is Protestant Christian.


Christian Reconstructionists want to educate a generation of Christian

children who will then subvert the United States into a theocracy so

that the laws of the U.S. will no longer reflect the U.S. Constitution

but will instead reflect the laws of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.


To turn this demented dream into a reality, Christian

Reconstructionists are training children now, and have been for years,

in Christian schools who will eventually take leadership positions in

government." (10/28/09)



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