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Skepticon Ii Was Roaring Success In The Midwest


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Skepticon II a roaring success in the Midwest


Check out the faces on the A of Gers and Baptist on the right. They were so frustrated because they weren't winning any brownie points in that debate. Victor Stenger, Richard Carrier, and JT were GREAT in that debate. My son met JT and was a bit confused at first when I was telling him about it and then when he heard of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, he was a bit excited saying, "Oh yes! I met him!"


When the first A of Ger in that pic on the left of the three men on the right were leaving, I managed to over him talking to a young man and telling him just how misguided those speakers were, even on the science. Yeah, right. That guy really screwed up science BIG TIME!


Check out the videos, because Rebecca Watson was good too. I think Dan Barker and Bob Price were the best though. DJ Grothe was involved in the Pro Debate, in which you can view in parts here:

In fact, you can see all the videos of the Skepticon there. Hope you enjoy it the two day via video. It was really great and if on comes near you, I recommend that you go.
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