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Deconversion Video Series


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I just watched this video series by ex-christian YouTube user Evid3nc3, which I found interesting and articulated well. It's kinda lengthy, but if you're interested in checking it out, here are the links:


2.0 Deconversion: The God Concept


2.1 Deconversion: Prayer


2.2 Deconversion: Morality


2.3 Deconversion: Other Christians (Part 1)


2.3 Deconversion: Other Christians (Part 2)


2.4 Deconversion: The Bible (Part 1)


2.4 Deconversion: The Bible (Part 2)


2.5 Deconversion: Personal Relationship (Part 1)


2.5 Deconversion: Personal Relationship (Part 2)


2.6 Deconversion: The End



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Hey, that was pretty good, Citsonga. I watched this last night. I recommend that they use your list as far as the order is concerned. It was a bit different than some other deconversion testimonials I've seen or read, but in the end this guy's journey was very interesting. There are some very solid points made in it which don't require too much specialization; no need to debunk the Bible really or re-analyze history. This is more of an account which has more to do with the psychology and emotional feelings connected to religious experience and belief.


I found it a very worthwhile watch.

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I watched this series when he first posted them. I found it fascinating to watch how he "reasoned" himself out of his "irrational" religious beliefs. It's awesome to see someone else's thought process at work during a deconversion from Christianity.

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Glad y'all enjoyed them.


My deconversion route was also a bit different from his, but I likewise find it interesting to hear other people's paths to sanity, especially when explained with such detail.

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