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Robert Heinlein Remembered


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Robert Heinlein remembered

The Libertarian Enterprise

by L. Neil Smith


"Over the past thirty years, I don't supposed a single day has gone by

that I haven't thought about Robert A. Heinlein. The lessons I learned

from him were endless, as they were bound to be, coming from a man of

his pragmatic wisdom and a body of literature exceeding three million

published words. It's hard to recapitulate the second chance he

offered my generation, given the abject failure of public schooling,

since most of what he taught I've long since taken as self-evident.

It certainly wasn't when I learned it; it was often painful and

confusing. But it was needed. 20th Century America's method of rearing

its young fails to produce organisms fit for -- or worthy of --


(originally published 1998; posted 03/07/10)



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