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Goodbye Jesus

The Wedge Document


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Someone wise sent me a link to the fundy driven 'Wedge Document' authored by members of the Center for the Renewal of Science and Culture.


Fear not, but these guys actually think Western Christianity will be re-establisehd as the dominant ideology of our world. Pity about diversity, and respect for other peoples lives, cultures and religions.


Here's the 5 year plan.


Five Year Goals


To see intelligent design theory as an accepted alternative in the sciences and scientific research being done from the perspective of design theory.

To see the beginning of the influence of design theory in spheres other than natural science.

To see major new debates in education, life issues, legal and personal responsibility pushed to the front of the national agenda.


And the goal in 20 years is to have ID as the dominant theory in science.






I'm laughing at them...not with them.

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Goodbye Jesus
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