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Handwriting Analysis Of Secret Mark


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Was Secret Mark forged by the man who claimed to have discovered it?


Probably not – handwriting analysis recently commissioned by the magazine Biblical Archaeological Review supports scholars who believe the fragments of an early, unknown version of the Gospel of Mark are legitimate.


From the report:


The whole writing shows freedom, spontaneity and artistic flair. It also shows a skillful penmanship of a well educated and trained writer who uses the language effectively in expressing his thoughts. (analyzing the original letter.)


the level of his ability concerning his Greek language handwriting characteristics is like that of young schoolchildren who have not started to use writing in a practical way expressing thoughts and ideas. (analyzing Smith's handwriting from samples taken after he said he discovered the letter.)


it is highly probable that Morton Smith could not have simulated the document of “Secret Mark.”


Of course, this does not discount the possibility that someone else forged the letter. Personally, I think it's legit.


So what's Secret Mark, and why is it important? Secret Mark is the name given to a Gnostic-friendly or alternate version of the Gospel of Mark which appears to have included a few bits that paint Jesus in a different light than the version we have today. It also includes what appears to be a version of the story of Lazarus, and places more emphasis on mystery religion practices. And it explains who the naked youth in the linen cloth is, and also fills in a gap in the story where, in the modern version, Jesus and his disciples arrive in Jericho and leave for no apparent reason.


In 1958, Morton Smith found a letter of Clement of Alexandria at the Mar Saba monastary near the city of Jerusalem. The Secret Gospel of Mark is known only from the references in this letter.


For more information, the Secret Mark Wikipedia page has good information.

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