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Evolution: Adult Swim Style

Yaoi Huntress Earth

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I was wondering if anyone else saw last week's episode of Harvey Birdman: Attourny at Law? It had an interesting take on the whole evolution vs crationism fiasco.


Capt. Caveman's son, Cavey Jr.'s, school is of course teaching creationism ("G*D created Adam and Eve, both fully clothed, in the Garden of Eden.") Being a caveman, Cavey Jr. asks why they're not learning evolution. Then the teacher goes into a "la, la, la I'm not listening" mode and ends up kicking Cavey Jr. out. And when the govenor (complete with a southern fundy acsent) wouldn't let the boy back into school for being a heathen.


So they go to Harvey to demand that Cavey Jr. be let back into the school be able to learn evolution. In the end, Cavey Jr. is allowed back into school, but he is a caveman (and we all know there were no such things as cavemen in the Bible) he has to wear a sticker that says he may not exist. Now throw in Peanut (Harvey's asssistant) spending more time at strip clubs than finding evidence for Harvey's case, Reducto, and you have a decent episode.

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