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M. Crichton on religion/environmentalism


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He made similar speeches during his tour of his latest book, State of Fear. He seems to be very pro-establishment, or traditional (or paleo-) conservative. This jumped out at me when reading some of the characterizations in his books -- same thing with some of his plot scenarios (they SCREAM tradition, with bad things happening to people who don't "leave well enough alone").


Jurassic Park -- bad things happen when people do genetic science

Sphere -- bad things happen when people venture into places, sciences, philosophies that they're not accustomed to

Disclosure -- bad things happen due to "equal opportunity" in the work place.


He has a brilliant imagination -- but it tends to preach his own personal philosophies.

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I can explain my evidence, which explicitly shows that Michael Crichton wears his ass as a hat, but in the spirit of spreading quasi-informative statements with no academic support, I will not cite my evidence.


I live in Chicago, and walking four blocks without seeing an environmental activist is not the norm. In all my years of listening to these people tell me why I should sign this petition or donate that amount, I have never heard one person mutter the statement "we just want everything to go back to the way they were 100 years ago." I will admit that there are times when I wish for the "simpler" days, but dwelling on the wish for more that 2 seconds brings me to the reality that there were never simpler times. I suspect that most people make that fleeting wish once in a while, but we don't need Michael Crichton to help us figure out that our wishes are perilous.


There is so much I could say, but I won't because, as an author who publishes basically the same fuckin book every three years with different names for the same fuckin characters, I turn my nose up at the idiotic masses. I will not even leave clues for people who really care to look into my claims, because they don't realize how lazy they are. I do.


Go fuck yourself, Michael.


By the way, if only the EPA were as politically neutral as the FDA...

Celebrex, Vioxx, Bextra..... these were all drugs that were deemed safe by our sacred FDA. I don't know, but I think that having a POLITICIAN heading the FDA instead of a credentialed doctor of medicine may have something to do with three drugs that were shown to be potentially dangerous to be approved by the FDA. I don't know for sure, but I think the FDA may be a bigger part of the political sausage that Mikey would like us to believe.


If you scroll to the middle of this page you will find a plot generator for all Tom Clancy novels, but I may as well apply it to Michael because I routinely get them confused (I suspect that they share a cranial hemisphere).

The best page in the universe :vtffani:

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He has great ideas for books, but he is a poor writer. Too often his characters are flat, one-dimensional representations of broad statement.


And Anthony Lane once brilliantly summed up his plots -


Jurassic Park: "Look out! Raptors!"

Disclosure: "Look out! Women!"

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