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Angry and sad


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I have to say that listening to my family makes me laugh, but it also makes me angry and sad. Tonight I go to my grandparent's house for dinner, and my grandma brings up that she is studying Genesis in her Bible study group. That in itself is just blah to me, but then my grandpa had to talk about how he "learned" about how "idiotic" the idea of the Big Bang is, and how it doesn't make sense unlike the idea of Big Brother in the Sky speaking everything into creation. For one of the few times in my life (and I think all of the others occured in similar situations) I have felt like laughing, crying and punching someone all at the same time. I have to laugh at how rediculous it is to say that a BBitS speaking everything into creation is less rediculous that the Big Bang; I have to cry because such ignorance in the family just makes me sad; angy at the people who are spreading the idiocy.

Ah, well thanks for letting me vent. Stay strong.


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