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Other Ex-Believer Sites

Jeremy Allen

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A good way to learn about yourself is to learn about others.


In that spirit, I propose we accumulate links to websites where other religion's ex-members gather and talk about their experiences in life after faith. As we all post links to these sites, I will collect them all here in the opening post as a running list.


I'll start by listing the one I know of:


Update: I added a few more I found.

Update: as I search for these, I try to only list sites that have some type of section where former members tell their stories.

Update: some incredible stories in here of suffering and triumph...


1. For Ex-Mormons: www.exmormon.org

2. For Ex-Muslims: Council of Ex-Muslims of Britian

3. For Ex-Muslims: Movement of Belgian Ex-Muslims

4. For Ex-Muslims: Apostates of Islam

5. Coming out stories over at The Athiest Foundation of Australia

6. Letters from ex-Christians: Letters from Leavers

7. For Ex-Jehovah Witnesses: Ex Jehovah Witness Forum and Recovery Site

8. For Ex-Jehovah Witnesses: Conversations With an Ex Jehovah Witness

9. For Ex-Jehovah Witnesses: Jehovah's Witness Recovery

10. Mostly for ex-Jehovah Witnesses: Free Minds, Inc

11. Cult recovery: FACTNet

12. Cult recovery: reFOCUS (good links and good reading list)

13. For ex Tony Alamo group members: Tony Alamo News

14. For ex Children of God and ex Family International: exFamily

15. For ex International Church of Christ: Triumphing Over London Cults

16. For ex Siddha Yoga members: exSY (yahoo group)

17. For survivors of Amway or other multi-level marketing schemes: MLM Survior

18. For ex Bruderhof: The Peregrin Foundation (testimonies in the archived KIT newsletters and in the Peregrin Foundation archives)

19. For ex Eckists (Eckankar): Letters from Exchelas, and Why Ex-Eckists Left Eckankar, and Surviving the Cult Eckankar

20. For ex Scientologists: Ex Scientology Kids

21. For ex Scientologists: Operation Clambake (testimonies available in the Personal Accounts section near the bottom)

22. For ex Scientologists: Ex Scientologist Message Board

23. For ex Assembly members of George Geftakys: Assemblyboard





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Thanks! That is quite a list. I've been bookmarking loads of interesting sites that are no longer "the devil" anymore.

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Thanks! That is quite a list. I've been bookmarking loads of interesting sites that are no longer "the devil" anymore.


As I read through these links I am coming across amazing stories from amazing people who have recovered from amazing trauma. It's really unbelievable.


Here is the painful story of how the Peregrin Foundation came to be, http://www.perefound.org/phist.html

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There are some applicable forums on RickRoss.



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I tried reading some of the stories on the ex-Scientologist site. They were difficult to read because of all of the specialized references to different classes and levels. It really is a whole complex culture. Amazing. That didn't take long to form, huh?



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