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As I announced sometime ago, I am working on a project to gather volunteers from among our members who are willing to answer a fairly lengthy questionnaire sharing various details about their lives were impacted by their deconversion experiences. To date I am pleased to say we have 20 volunteers. This work is done on a completely anonymous basis (meaning all I will know is your online name but not your true personal identities) and what is more, I will not share publicly even on this forum who among you are participants on the project. I am and will remain the only person who knows the online names of all participants.


If you haven't already done so, you may PM me and let me know that you, too, would like to participate. I am attaching to this post the first two parts of the questionnaire so you can read it to get a very good feel what it is all about.


The requirements for participation are that:


1. You be an adult.

2. You were at one time a Christian.

3. You left the Christian religion and are, therefore, not currently a Christian.

4. You electronically "sign" an agreement of understanding (all 20 current participants "signed" this and none had problems with it).

4. You complete the Questionnaire.


Finally, to prevent other members of this forum from knowing that you have agreed to participate (if that is important to you, and I think it should be), I recommend that you not express on this thread your willingness to participate, but rather PM me.


Thanks for your consideration.

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