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"inside The Minds Of Animals"


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I thought you guys would be interested in this article in Time magazine. I found it incredibly interesting and confirms many of my own feelings in regards to this subject. Obviously, animals such as Kanzi, are able to communicate in language, does this mean animals are on the verge or a there in terms of acquiring "mind" in it's broadest sense? I'd be curious to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions!



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Wonderful article. I read the whole thing and enjoyed reading it immensely. Thanks for sharing it.

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Guest I Love Dog

Great post, thanks Bro Josh!


I think anyone who has had close pets, particularly dogs, can attest to the intelligence that appear they have.


This morning I was discussing with a couple of people the way that dogs and cats have individual "personalities" and I'm sure that others animals do, too.


We had male and female Labrador retrievers, brother and sister, and they were each so individual, with very distinct personalities. We discovered that dogs do have a "language" and used different sounds for different situations. The interesting thing was that the sounds were consistent, so that we could easily recognize a request for food, a request for wanting to go outside, etc. They also had different sounds for communication with each other that they didn't use when communicating with us.


Fascinating stuff!

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